Saturday, March 20, 2010

Presentation and demo app from my talk about Android

I had a talk on local Java User Group a week ago. I was talking about Android. Here I'm providing the presentation and demo application. 
Presentation mainly contains materials from
Demo application is a twitter client. It shows:
  • how the project is layed out;
  • what contains the manifest file;
  • how activity is build;
  • how layouting is done (including reusable layouts with <include> tag);
  • how locales are handled (contains Spanish translation);
  • how orientation is handled;
  • how background threads are handled.

Presentation: Android.odt (yes, that's OpenOffice format).
Demo application: Twitoid.7z (IntelliJ IDEA project, free Community Edition is perfectly fine to check this code).

Twitter4j is used for communication with twitter. Icons are taken from