Thursday, December 19, 2013

Silence caused by Agenda

As you probably noticed there in no activity on this blog for a long time. 
That's because I've spent almost all my free time working on a little startup - All-in-One Agenda. This is a handy widget for Android devices which displays your agenda (currently events and birthdays) on the home screen. Obviously it has additional paid features which fund further development.
Working on this startup is a great adventure and results in a lot of new experience.
I plan to blog about some interesting things I've learn.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

yoni 1.0.0

Finally it's here: yoni 1.0.0
This is final release. No much changes here. I just added verbose mode, just in case you like too look at lots of messages running though your console ;)
From now on I'm going to do only bug fixes.

P.S. This release is so much delayed because this project consumes almost all my non-working, non-sleeping and non-family time :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Google steals photos from your Android phone

Yesterday Google invaded my privacy. The search giant added new spayware function - Instant Upload - to their social network Google+. They enabled that spyware by default. And Instant Upload silently uploaded photos from my android phone to Google+ without asking my permission!!! Google had stolen my photos!!! I realized that something evil is going on due to small notification on my phone (which many people probably will ignore or dismiss without reading).
All uploaded photos become private and not shared to general public. But still Google took them from me and can now share with their big corporate friends or US government which is unacceptable!
Obviously I deleted all those photos from Google+ and turned Instant Upload off immediately. But how can I be sure that Google did not left the copies on their servers?
What if the photos Google had stolen were intimate?
I hope that EU commission will investigate this issue and fine Google appropriately.

P.S. To turn off Instant Upload launch your "Goggle Settings" app (not "Settings"!), go to "Google+" there and uncheck "Instant Upload".

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

yoni 0.9.0

And here it is: yoni 0.9.0.
This one is beta release.
No big changes this time. I just switched to using logger instead of printing output to console. So, the amount of yoni output greatly reduced.

P.S. Version 1.0.0 should arrive in February.