Friday, May 30, 2008

Java 1.6 on Mac... at last!

It is here. After 1.5 years. Java 1.6 on Mac. But... it is only for the Leopard and only for 64-bit Intel machines.
PPC, 32-bit Intel and Tiger folks are currently still out of the board.
There are two interesting facts regarding this Apple's release.
  1. It was not announced on Apple Developer Connection Java topics RSS. In fact that feed is useless. I'm still receiving here a bunches of 3 identical notifications about release notes for Java on Mac 10.5. The date when this document was published is 2007-10-31. Yeah, after 6 month Apple still reminds me (and the other subscribers of that feed) about such "news".
  2. Almost month passed since Java 1.6 on Mac release. And there is complete silence about this event on the Desktop community on This is rather strange - there was a lot of complains about long absence of this release (e.g. here and here).
Anyway, it's good it is here.

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